Top Business Podcasts

If there’s one truth about owning a business, it’s this: seasons change, so dress accordingly.

Everything changes. Specific needs. Marketing channels. Competitor advantages. Your own personal circumstances.

That’s not a bad thing! Adaptability leads to sustainability. But how do you keep up?

Become a lifelong learner.

I love learning new things. I love hearing how other entrepreneurs found a way to make their craft both enjoyable and profitable. And I love gaining new perspectives on how to approach my own mission.

The best way to learn on my schedule (and I’m guessing yours, too)? PODCASTS!

Without further adieu, I present my Top 5 Business Podcasts for Growing Your Business!

1. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

If you’re looking for a marketing plan of action, this is the podcast for you! You may know her from her fabulous email list building freebies, and she’s just as fabulous on air. Amy is very honest about her own experiences as a business owner. You can tell that she’s tried every tactic she shares with her listeners first, and her voice is easy on the ears. Plus, you’ll always walk away with some marketing “homework”. Hey, you can’t beat a free strategy!

Recommended Episodes: #251 How I’d Grow My Business If I Were Starting From Scratch, #246 Choosing Your ONE Thing, #226 What to Focus On When You Are Just Starting Out

2. The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

I’m a big Jenna Kutcher fan. In fact, I’m taking one of her classes now! While some of her webinar content is geared more toward “creativepreneurs”, her Goal Digger podcast speaks to ALL business owners. She interviews top-notch, straight-shooting bosses (Lookin’ at you, Tony Robbins!) who are willing to share valuable (not lofty) tips with listeners—everything from All Things Instagram to specific productivity hacks. 

Recommended Episodes: #253 If I Had $5,000 To Launch My Biz Here’s What I Would Do, #241 Our Best Instagram Tips Ever, #242 The Secret to Happy Clients

3. HPX with Brendon & Denise Burchard

HPX = High Performance Experience. That’s exactly what entrepreneurial couple Brendon and Denise Burchard want everyone to have. The big theme here is positivity, and all of the little healthy habits we can form to create a mindset that helps you live your best personal and professional lives. They focus on curating the best of the best podcast episodes in one place for your listening pleasure. Bonus…it’s ad-free!

Recommended Episodes: This is a new podcast that features top podcast episodes from other podcasters. All centered around High Performance.

4. Business Boutique with Christy Wright

Christy Wright is my girl! First of all, she’s a Business Coach and a Tennessee gal like me. She focuses on helping women entrepreneurs take the first steps to becoming successful business owners. Her guests are varied and always interesting (from entertainers turned business owners to Dave Ramsey himself), and every episode feels like a true lesson with teachable content. If you’re ready to go full speed ahead with your side hustle, check this one out.

Recommended Episodes: #70 How To Be Content In Every Situation, #65 How To Find Your Passion And Grow A Business You Love, #56 How To Be Intentional In Your Life And Business

5. Breakthrough Brand Podcast with Elizabeth McCravy

New Podcast Spotlight:  Nashville brand designer Elizabeth McCravy is killing it with her new podcast! I love her creative perspective and the incredibly practical takeaways from each episode (like how to “clean” your website, how to approach pricing, and how to actually get work done at home). She’s relatable, she’s fresh, she’s super smart, and she doesn’t sugar coat the road to success.

Recommended Episodes: #015 How To Prepare For An Incredible Personal Brand Photoshoot, #How To Use Instagram To GROW Your Business When You Have Fewer Than 1,000 Followers

There are so many amazing podcasts out there, and new ones coming out daily. Honestly, it was really hard to pick just five but these are truly my go to podcasts when I’m asked for recommendations from my clients and fellow entrepreneurs. 

Wishing you the absolute best on your entrepreneurial journey. And if I can help you in any way, just send me a message and let’s chat!

Teresa White