Motivational Words for Successful Women Entrepreneurs by Teresa White Coaching

You’ve probably heard of “your why should make you cry”. And that’s true! Girl, if you’re getting out of bed to pour yourself into something unfulfilling, it’s time to change direction. You should believe in your idea, work hard to perfect it, and fight to make it heard.

But your mission should also be built to last. So, how do you know if your brand’s why is strong enough to support long-term success?

Here are 3 characteristics of a STRONG why:
  1. It fuels a vision.

    You want long-term success? Well, your ideal customer wants a long-term solution. Products that meet a one-time need are forgotten. Wedding cake customers don’t just want a flour+sugar+egg mixture that tastes good. They want a work of art! They want the perfect addition to their wedding palette. They want to feel how their dream was brought to life.  

  2. It bridges a gap.

    Pinpoint the missing pieces for your industry, yourself, and most importantly, your ideal customers. You know why your competitors’ solutions aren’t enough. But does your client understand that? Whether it’s on your website, in a phone conversation, or in an 1-on-1 meeting, you should be able to clearly demonstrate why what you have to offer is hands-down the best choice.

  3. It’s not about you.

    A strong why busts out of that idea shell and takes flight for the greater good! You have a desire to serve. You have a desire to make someone’s life better. Making sure that selfless piece is front and center plays a critical role in every brand’s life cycle. Put your ideal clients first, and they’ll come to you first.

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In a nutshell…

Long-term business success = when your why answers a prayer.

When your ideal customer understands why your solution can bring her visions to life, fill that annoying void, and make her life a little easier, she’ll breathe a sigh of relief. If she’s saying, “Finally!”, in her mind, then her finger will tap that contact button. Again, and again, and again.

If you need help pinpointing your why, send me an email or schedule a discovery call. I’d love to help. You can also download the Client Avatar Workbook to really go in-depth into your why and your target client.

Wishing you the absolute best my friend. 

Teresa White