SOAR in 90 Days

A group coaching experience created to help you build your side hustle or new business to a profitable business in 90 days.

You’ve already got your entrepreneurship wings but feel like your business really hasn’t taken flight yet.

  • You’ve launched your business but not sure what’s the right next step.
  • You’re ready to have the business of your dreams but need clarity and a roadmap to move from surviving to thriving.
  • You’ve downloaded all of the freebies.
  • You’ve followed all of the experts online.

And you’re overwhelmed with all of the “advice” you’re getting. You’re thinking “what’s the right next step” and saying “I wish someone would tell me how to do it from where I am in business now” because you need paying clients NOW!

Teresa White discussing her guide to hiring a business coach.

I feel you!

You have the grit, determination, and desire to have a profitable business you love but you lack the clarity, direction, and support to get through this building stage.
  • You’re ready to make more money, but not sure how to close the sale. You wish someone would give you a step-by-step strategy to get more paying clients.
  • You’re done with the overwhelm and ready to move your business forward. You wish someone would help give clarity on the right next steps to build your thriving business.
  • You wish there was a community of other women entrepreneurs to walk this journey with who will support you, collaborate with you, and inspire you so you don’t feel so alone.
  • You wish you had someone who would link arms with you and walk with you through building a profitable business you love, that stays true to the life you want to live.
I get it. You have this BIG dream for your business, your life and you just need someone who understands, who will meet you where you are right now in your business, and help you get to where you want to be. 

 Well girl, let me introduce you to SOAR in 90 Days.

This 90 Day group coaching program is created for you – the side hustler or new business owner and will help you to….

1. Get clear on the Heartbeat of your business.
2. Leverage your gifts and talents to create a profitable business.
3. Help you design an intentional plan to turn prospects into paying clients.

…and give you the clarity, support and strategy you need to create the momentum you want in your business.

Inside of SOAR in 90 Days you are going to receive-

  • 90 Days of coaching with me inside our group calls and private FB group.
  • Weekly LIVE group training & coaching calls online via Zoom.
  • Access to our private FB group for support, feedback, and accountability.
  • BONUS: Sign-up early and get access to a 2 hour Business Foundations LIVE Video Workshop.
  • BONUS: In-Person Training in Nashville on May 11th & Free Ticket to SOWBO Event w/Suzanne Evans.

Your Total Investment is $697 (payment plan available).

"Teresa got me on track to not only grow my business, but to take care of myself and enjoy my life. I created this career to get the most out of my flexibility in life, but now I have the knowledge and tools to really enjoy it! If you’re [an entrepreneur], and feeling the weight of overwhelm, I would absolutely recommend working with Teresa. She elevated my entire business...but most importantly, my life!"
Amber Brannon
Founder + Creative Director at Copperheart Creative

In 90 Days you’ll….

  • Give your “elevator pitch” with confidence and know the right way to network.
  • Get clear on the foundation of your business from your core values to finances.
  • Have your core offering (we’re talking making money here) and how to price your services.
  • Have a sales funnel tailored to your core offering.
  • Understand your client’s journey from lead generation to close of sale and beyond.
  • Know how to determine what to pay yourself and set appropriate revenue goals.
  • Have an action plan for the next 90 Days.

Hey girl! I’m Teresa, and I want to help you turn your business into a profitable one!

Here’s a quick version of my long story:

  • I have over 19 years experience working with small businesses with sales and operations.
  • I built an e-commerce business that hit six figures in less than twelve months of launch. So I know a thing or two about what goes into starting and running a successful business.
  • I’m a breast cancer survivor, and that experience forced me to dig deep into my own dreams and turn them into realities. Which led to a business pivot. 
  • I closed the e-commerce business and launched my coaching business using my 19+ years of business experience to help entrepreneurs build and grow the business of their dreams.
  • I believe in the power of community. We were not meant to do this alone.
  • I believe in creating a growing, profitable business while maintaining the personal life you desire is more than possible. It’s right around the corner.
  • I’m also a wife, mom, grandmother, and active member of my church and community.

I know how to build a profitable business while juggling all of the things that life throws your way. My heart is in helping others avoid the mistakes I’ve made. I want to help get you to the business of your dreams faster, experience success out of the gate and build a community of support around you in your journey. 

You were made to SOAR and it would be my honor to help you to do just that!
"Working with Teresa has been unbelievably eye-opening and so, SO valuable! I’ve been a successful solopreneur for more than 6 years, but things still felt scattered and unsteady behind the curtain. Teresa helped me make a clear, proactive plan based on what I truly love to do, who I want to serve, and most importantly, balancing work and family so that I can actually live the life I envisioned when I started this business. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious - she has helped me renew my passion for what I’m doing and feel like I’m finally in the driver’s seat. I can’t recommend her enough!"
Betsy Snyder
Owner of Mighty Fine Words

SOAR in 90 Days is your best next step if you are:

  • Ready to have a profitable business and more paying clients.
  • Ready to invest in yourself and your business.
  • Ready to stop trying to figure it out alone and have a trusted guide along the way.
  • Ready to move from overwhelm to clarity by creating a step by step strategy that works for you with a coach alongside you who has done it before. 
  • Ready to stop doing this alone and want a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will support you, collaborate with you, and inspire you.

What’s it going to be? Are you ready to create momentum in your business and watch it truly SOAR in 2020? Then here’s your chance!

Doors close February 26th and there are a limited number of seats. Secure your spot now!

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